Your kid’s dentist is something do not underestimate. At Midway Dental Clinic, your kid will be treated as our very own. We do value the importance of keeping young teeth healthy so your kid can enjoy stronger teeth well into their adulthood.

What will we do?

  1. Assess the strength of the baby teeth

Why? Baby teeth are important for chewing and maintaining spaces for the adult teeth to come through.

  1. Protect those adult teeth

Why? The outer surface (enamel) of adult teeth is weak when a child is growing, and so need to be sealed to prevent cavities.

  1. Detect missing and impacted teeth

Why? Sometimes your child may be missing important adult teeth or have adult teeth not coming through the right way. It is so important for us to detect these issues early so we can together discuss options, and avoid turning a little issue into a big problem.

  1. Address any unhealthy tissue structures and habits

Why? Lip ties, tongue ties, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting as well as thumb or finger sucking can largely affect the way your child’s mouth develops.

  1. Discuss the need for braces

Why? Learn more at Braces for Kids (Orthodontics).

  1. Discuss diet and oral hygiene tips and tricks

Why? A controlled diet and regular oral hygiene can help keep those cavities at bay.

We know leaving your little darlings in someone else’s care can be daunting at times. However, with Dr. Rekha, Dr. Ine and Dr. Vinay, you can be rest assured that your kids will enjoy coming to the dentist every time.

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