These days social media is full of various teeth whitening products that claim to give you white teeth quickly and easily. However, none of them will give you a long-lasting effect. More importantly, they can be unsafe for your teeth. Professional teeth whitening should only be done with a dentist.

Why do teeth become stained?

Stained teeth can arise from:

  • Age
  • Foods (ie. curries)
  • Drinks (ie. tea, coffee and red wines)
  • Old or metal fillings
  • Root canal treated teeth and,
  • Medications

How do you whiten your teeth with us?

At Midway Dental Clinic, we provide in-chair (ZOOM) or at-home whitening options for you. These are clinically-proven and guaranteed to give you whiter teeth for a longer period of time!

We recommend a thorough scale, clean and polish before commencing teeth whitening. Your whitening kit will consist of customised whitening trays and three tubes of specially-formulated whitening gel syringes. A small amount of the gel inside the trays which hold the gel against the front surface of your teeth can whiten your teeth. You wear the trays while you sleep for 1-2 weeks.

Enquire about our whitening products today, and book now!

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