A tooth filling or dental filling is a great way to repair a broken, decayed or sensitive tooth so you can comfortably eat, drink and talk every day. You should never leave a damaged tooth as it will eventually lead to pain, infection and further damage.   

Sometimes you will know when you need a filling but most times only your dentist can properly check whether it is necessary. We use small mirrors and digital x-rays to see in and between your teeth as well as under your gums.

What is in a tooth filling?

Now let’s say you need a filling – you should know what goes into your mouth! At Midway Dental Clinic, we only use tooth-coloured or white fillings known as composite or composite resin. These are a modified plastic that can last in the mouth for a good amount of time.

We are a mercury/metal-free dental clinic. We do not use metal or amalgam fillings because they can stain and weaken your teeth. All our dentists are trained to safely and effectively remove and replace your metal tooth filling, and comply with current Australian best clinical practice.

What happens in a tooth filling?

We first numb the tooth and the area around it. Then we clean and shape the tooth with special instruments and equipment. After we bond the filling to your tooth and make it strong. Last, we polish the tooth filling to make it smooth and resemble a brand new tooth!