Unfortunately, a tooth extraction may be the only solution if a tooth cannot be saved with a filling, root canal and/or crown. In addition, leaving it can cause more harm than good. It is at this point the tooth should be removed.

You may also have an issue with your wisdom teeth. There may be not enough room in your mouth for your wisdom teeth or you are unable to clean them well which can cause a lot of pain. These are both instances where wisdom teeth can be removed.

Is it scary to have a tooth extraction?


We will make sure you are completely numb in and around the tooth, and won’t begin until you are. At Midway Dental Clinic, your comfort means our comfort. We will strive to ensure that having your tooth removed is as quick and painless as possible.

What do I do after my tooth extraction?

Losing a tooth can mean the surrounding teeth have to work harder so you can continue chewing. This places them at a higher risk of breaking and cracking over time, so a missing tooth should be replaced in most cases. Thankfully, there are many options of tooth replacement available to us today; dentures, bridges and dental implants. Your dentist at Midway Dental Clinic will discuss these options with you before having your tooth removed so you know exactly what to expect.