A dental implant or “tooth implant” is the ideal way of replacing:

  • One (single implant),
  • Several (implant bridge) or
  • All your teeth (“All on 4”). 

They are a very attractive option with many of our patients because they closely resemble a natural tooth.

What is in a dental implant?

  1. An implant which mimics a tooth root
  2. A crown which forms the visible part of the tooth and can be matched to the size, shape and colour of your choice
  3. A support which connects the two together

So what’s the A to Z?

You first choose to have your implant placed in the mouth:

  • immediately after you have your tooth removed or,
  • after your tissues have healed.

An assessment of your bone and gums is next. Your bone is very important so the implant can bond and lock in with its surrounding bone. Your gums are also very important, and contributes to what your final tooth will look like.

Usually, it takes 3 months to 1 year from start to finish.

Implant costs start from $4500, and prices will vary depending on what you want, and the amount and quality of your bone.

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